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A White Shirt Wednesday for a mid-Summer's Audit


This blog post is late.

It's hot outside and I've got to-do lists on top of my to-do lists. I'm also completely procrastinating on the single most important thing on my to do list: finalizing my 2014 audit.

Truth be told, my audit can be done in two solid work days. All it really takes is running a few reports and gathering some documents, making sure it all makes sense and shipping the whole thing off to my dear accountants. But of course, I cannot seem to get this done.

But I've decided that Today. Is. The. Day.

I want my audit off my desk this week, which means I'm starting as soon as this damn post goes live.

So, without further ado, I bring you this week's White Shirt Wednesday: Down To Business Edition aka What To Wear When You Finally Stop Procrastinating.

Here are the essentials for getting down to business in June.

  1. Glasses. Possibly a prop to make you feel more intellectual. Possibly a way to save your eyes from straining while looking at all those itty bittie numbers. Only you will know.
  2. A classic work shirt. Obviously. Its comfortable, sort of serious and you can sigh and roll up the sleeves for dramatic effect. As if debits and credits are simply too much for you to handle.
  3. Pinstripes. The pinstripes say "I mean business" but in shorts-form it also says "... but I totally don't want to be here". It's like spitting in the face of a professional dress code (while looking pretty darn cute).
  4. Loafers. Very 1990s office lady, but also totally cool and comfy with a little leopard print.
  5. Coffee, of course. In the most beautiful mug you can possibly find... or one with an ironic/inspiring message (think #BossLady).
  6. A big ole 80s calculator. I'm not kidding, I actually love these things and the satisfying little noise of the calculations printing rapidly.
  7. Something that is NOT gluten free. Flipz are my most favorite splurge.
  8. Your bank statements, receipts and supporting documents. Ha! Didn't think I'd forget those, did you?!?

Pictured: Prism glasses, The Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter, Totême pinstripe linen and cotton shorts, Michael Kors Moccasins, L'Objet Malachite china

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  • I would definitely wear it. So chic yet comfy

    Michèle on