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White shirt Wednesday: styling your inner pre-teen queen

A dirty little style secret

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a little confession to make. There's a side to my style that never really evolved past the fifth grade.  My eye is automatically drawn to all things sparkly, metallic and/or neon.  Maybe it's because my Mom didn't buy me enough Lisa Frank as a kid but I physically can't resist animal prints, platinum blonde hair, Swarovski anything, colored furs, hot pink and gold anything, big diamonds, hoop earrings, plastic flamingos, most of Tracey Emin's artwork and leather skirts.

In short: way deep down, I'm just a little tacky.

Now, before you get all judgy, you'll note that I rarely actually buy or wear any of these things. (I'm proud to say I own NOTHING Jeremy Scott has designed for Moschino). But that doesn't exactly stop my inner pre-teen from lusting after them.

Life's too short to play it safe

I think if we're all honest, most of us feel the same way.

We go for the black, white, and gray options because they're "timeless", "practical" and they "go with everything" as words like "minimalism" and "restraint" get thrown around a lot in fashion.

Which of course is great. I'm a big believer in buying beautiful pieces that will last for seasons to come, and more often than not, most of these pieces are classic cuts in classic colors.

But sometimes, life is just too short. Sometimes you gotta go for the metallic purple ocelot print jacket. (If you love it.)

It's all in the styling, which brings us back to our old friends: black, white and gray.  Regular readers of this blog know where this is headed. *Cut to the intro for White shirt Wednesday.*


Bold and beautiful

The picture above contains the following bad-on-paper elements: gold mirrored sunglasses, a full length gold lamé skirt, neon sunnies, a graffiti perspex (read: plastic!) clutch, safety yellow pumps, a calf hair tiger print pencil skirt, glitter glasses, sequin pants and a multi-colored clutch complete with neon fur appliques. Yeesh.

Okay, collectively they're a bit much. Yet, I bet you're not exactly horrified by any of the individual looks.

Such is the power of choosing great accessories wisely and having excellent wardrobe basics already stocked in your closet. It's amazing how a simple white shirt or a great pair of jeans simultaneously tones down and pulls together even the boldest of accessories choices.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter used throughout, Linda Farrow gold sunglasses, Lela Rose maxi skirt, Markus Lupfer neon pink glitter sunglasses, Jimmy Choo Yes candy clutch, Christian Louboutin yellow pumps, Panthère de Cartier necklace,  Tamara Mellon animal print calf hair skirt, Casadei pumps, Miu Miu glitter frame sunglasses, Milly sequin tulle pants, Fendi Monster rabbit and fox fur mini baguette, Gianvito Rossi plexiglass pump

So now that I've shared my dirty little fashion secret with you... what's yours?



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  • omg. crazy in love with that maxi skirt

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