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White shirt Wednesday inspiration via street style snaps

Fashion People were never the most relatable when it comes to cultivating one's own personal style. In the past few years, it's gotten even worse as many look like total street style bait desperately mugging for a highly choreographed candid shot.

Nevertheless, it's always fascinating to keep an eye on the streets to see What People Are Wearing. It could inspire you to try out some new styling ideas, or you may just have a good little giggle at some of the ridiculous peacocking.

For today's White Shirt Wednesday, we've rounded up a few shots from the men's shows in Paris which took place just last week. Unsurprisingly, many women wore menswear-inspired shirts with their own interpretation.

Also unsurprising? The results were mixed, at best.

I love the Mexican-gangster inspired styling with the half open shirt. I say this without an ounce of sarcasm. It's a great way to experiment with the crop top look, without actually having to wear a crop top.

Love the white shirt / plaid trousers combo. But steal his chapeau, s'il vous plaît.

Great... hat?

Yes! A pussybow after my own heart. See how she lets the cuffs peek out? You could do that.

Yep, yep, yep. Rolled up cuff, classic watch, great shoes.

A very stark image indeed.

This shot completely validates the three pairs of J Crew track pants I just purchased. Thanks!

Proof that a great smile and serious confidence always look amazing. Totally nondescript but lovely styling and she looks So. Cool.

This is what we call "going all in". And I think it works! Can't say I love the bag, but in a way, it breaks things up kind of nicely.

More proof of the power of a great classic shirt? It can make denim micro cutoffs and thigh high boots look positively amazing.

Acid washed mom jeans, Caroline? Aggressive. Good call with the toned down white shirt and baseball jacket.

Another white pussybow looking so perfect for summer.

THIS, ladies, is how you rock a suit.

This is not.

Pass me the cone, woman.

All images via Tommy Ton

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