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Lindsay White: mom at home, boss in the office

Guest writer Lindsay White is an Unbuttoned With alumna and we felt her story was exciting (and totally relatable). now she's back as a guest contributor for The Thread. We're inspired that Lindsay is both an entrepreneur and a mom, but what we really love is her candor. She's amazingly honest in describing just how hard her early days were. Today, she speaks about the early days when she quit her day job and dedicated herself fully to Lot801.

"I recently quit my job to take Lot801 full time and grow this brand of mine as much as possible. The question I get the most is, "how do you balance it all? Working from home and what not". Well guys, I'm going to give you the secret that no one ever tells, are you ready?

There is NO secret ingredient to making it work. Really, every family is different and every family finds their path. What works for me, may not work for you.

I will say that when I first quit my job I was super overwhelmed and didn't know what the heck I was doing. I felt scattered in every direction trying to package orders, send emails, calling manufacturers all while having my daughter Allie at home. I realized something had to change because I felt I wasn't getting anything done. My focus was everywhere. I was starting to package orders and not finish them, I was starting to send emails but wasn't hitting send and most importantly I wasn't giving Allie the attention she needed. Often times she would get her toys and sit next to my office chair on the ground and play next to me. I started to feel awful.

This is when I decided to get a bit more organized.

I sat down and wrote a detailed schedule of my days during the week. That way I knew exactly what I should be focusing my attention on at any particular time of the day. I get up about an hour before the little one wakes up in order to catch up on emails from the night before.

Once Allie is awake, she has my full attention (for the most part, hey nobody's perfect right?), I don't work on orders, I don't check email, I'm hers. Right at lunch time I'll fix her something to eat and let her watch a movie while eating. This is when I print out my orders for the day. When Allie is finished, it's nap time (and when I get the most work done!). These two hours are my holy grail. I hustle like crazy to get as much done as possible during nap time (package orders, make tags if I'm out, update the blog for the week, etc.)

As soon as Allie wakes up I shut down my computer and I'm hers again. We usually go outside and play or go for a walk until it's time to make dinner (she always like to help…or just throw cheese all over the counter and say "look mom, I'm making a pizza", lol). We finish our night off as a family and once Allie goes down for the night, I'll wrap up any loose ends that I wasn't able to get done earlier.

The most important thing is realizing that you can't do everything at once, otherwise, you're not giving anything your all. When you've got the kids, give them your undivided attention. When you're in your office, be a boss."

Off-duty time with Allie

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  • @velveteencockroach: so glad the post resonated! I couldn’t agree more, working from home with kids is pretty tricky. I’m convinced it’s nearly impossible to do without feeling like a bad entrepreneur or a bad mother. This post inspired me too!

    lindsay narain on

  • I actually really love this post. I technically work from home too, and am starting up my own styling/blogging business, and I realized that I only started being truly efficient when I made hourly schedules of what to do, or time just flew by without me having had anything done. It’s really incredible to juggle work at home WITH a kid at the same time, I find it really admirable.


    velveteencockroach on