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White shirt Wednesdays: white silk shirts and button front skirts

Around the fashion blogs recently, I've noticed a bit of a micro-trend: the button front midi-skirt. There's versions for the demure dreamer all in white, the chic traveler, and the full on sexpot.

I can't help but smile when I see a button front skirt styled. A full length denim skirt was the crown jewel in my sister's dress up box. Every week we fought over who would get to wear it when we played Oregon Trail. Ah, we have come a long way!

Needless to say, today's White Shirt Wednesday inspiration is a decidedly more grown up take on the look.

We've styled a simple denim skirt with a cap sleeve silk shirt (what else?), stacked heels, a slim little satchel and topped it with sunnies and a hat for a little sun coverage. It's a conservative look that will be completely flattering when you pop a few buttons, cinch the waist and lengthen your legs with some great sandals.

It goes to prove that you don't need flashy prints to be eye-catching this summer. This look is clean, chic and very cool for summer. It's also super versatile, I can see this working perfectly for a casual garden party, strolling around a far flung European city or even just for catching up on some work at the office.

Pictured: Gold Belladonna straw hat, Jimmy Choo Cindy cat eye sunglasses in dove grey and gold, VAUGHAN Bettie silk shirt in Stark Naked White, Sea washed twill button down maxi skirt, Gucci fashion show chunky heel sandals (on sale!), Mulberry Tessie Satchel in Cream Soft Grain

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