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Friday finds: Nike Courts, a sneaker for grownups

Last week, I told you that I never thought I would wear either a backpack or sneakers after graduating middle school. Well, I caved on the backpack front and now I'm caving on the sneaker front too.

I know sneakers are not exactly new to the Fashion Set. They've been rocking their pristine Stan Smiths for ages now. I think they look great in pictures.... and on other people. But when it comes time to step out of the house? I usually cringe.

Unless I'm heading for an actual athletic activity, something about wearing white sneakers just feels too juvenile.

However, there's no denying they're incredibly practical. Between busy Mom Activities and rainy NYC and Singapore afternoons, it's definitely nice to have some shoes in the rotation with actual traction.

So, how's someone who's past her twenties going to try out the look? I have two go-to scenarios.

1. I pretend I'm going to / coming from the gym. This is a total cop-out but hey, I'm being honest!  I put on a nice long sleeve slim tee and my favorite Lulu leggings and truly rock the athlesiure trend. Bonus points for a headband or a bottle of water used as an accessory.  You can suss out this lie a mile away because when I am actually coming back from the gym I'll be in flip flops. And my face will be purple.

2. Athletic-inspired skirts. I have a great Acne skirt that has fit me thoughout my entire pregnancy and it has a lovely little racing stripe down the side. She's just begging for some clean white sneakers to authenticate the look.

Once you've got the formula, it's a cinch. Skirts from Acne, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang are my favorites. They're casual but usually with some nice little detail that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Pair with a simple bag and a polished shirt to elevate the look a bit.

Pictured: Linda Farrow white gold aviator sunglasses, VAUGHAN Bettie shirt in California Sunshine Yellow, Alexander Wang black twisted stripe mini skirt, Chloé Drew crossbody bag, Nike Court Royale sneakers in white and silver.

Look at that! A great little #ootd with no water bottle in sight.


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