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Unbuttoned with Jillian Darlington, founder of the MomCo app

In Jillian's words

My name is Jillian Darlington. I am an entrepreneur but first and foremost, I am a mom to my 7 year old son Taylor.  I truly love being a just have a way of making you happy and smile no matter what is going on in your life. When my son was born, I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with him.  Watching him learn and reach new milestones brought me so much joy.

A couple years later, I went through a grueling divorce. 

My husband moved away and I didn’t have any family in town.  I needed to find a way to support myself and my son and I had no time to waste.  I then heard that my favorite indoor playground was for sale, so I borrowed some money and made an offer.  It was accepted and that started my journey as a small business owner.  The flexibility of owning my own business allowed me to be able to spend time with my son during the days and still be the type of mom that I wanted to be.

I kept that business for a few years but sold it once Taylor entered elementary school. I was doing some marketing consulting until I figured out what to do next. It was still important to me that I do something flexible so I could spend time with my son after school was out and I could participate in school parties, field trips, etc.

The big idea

That is when I came up with the idea for my next business venture, the MomCo app. It is a new app that helps moms connect with other moms as well as the businesses that cater to them and their children.

The MomCo app was truly inspired by my own life experiences.

As a young mom, I worked tirelessly going to playdates and classes with my son just hoping to click with another cool mom to be friends with. One day I was looking through the Tinder app and it made me think, “Why doesn’t something like this exist for moms to locate other moms that live close to them?” This coupled with my experiences as a previous small business owner is how the concept for the MomCo app was formed.

A GEO location based social networking app for moms to find friendship and support. Also, the perfect platform for any business that caters to women and children to be able to list themselves so all the moms in their community can easily find them. The MomCo app solves issues for moms and small business owners.

I then started to read every article that I could find on making apps and started to put my idea in motion. A few months later, my co-founder joined me which helped speed things up. 

We are both moms on a mission and are passionate about helping other moms. We officially launched in April 2015 and already have thousands of moms that have downloaded.  Moms, bloggers and the media are rallying behind our mission and the MomCo brand.  This journey has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for MomCo.


Unbuttoned with Jillian Darlington

Style icon: Jennifer Lopez

Favorite heroine: Maleficent

Dream lunch date: Ryan Renolds

Favorite cliché: Just Be Yourself

Personal motto: Live fearless

Idea that changed your life:  Coming up with the idea of the MomCo app

Always trying to improve: My patience

Most envious of: People with perfect skin

Most inspired by: Women who are the best at what they do

Fashion item you would ban: Mesh shirts

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: I just got this cute bathing suit cover up. It looks like an over sized tank top. It's comfy, super cute and I feel comfortable not wearing a bra. That is a big deal when you have real 32DDD sized boobs! I have been living in it this summer.

Biggest extravagance: I treat myself to pedicures every two weeks

Can’t bare to spend on: Things I can do myself

Irrational fear of: People disliking me

Brains or beauty: That's a hard one. I'm very attracted to beauty but if there isn't a brain I lose interest right away.

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Katharine

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Lopez for Fashion but Lawrence for entertainment and friendship. Lawrence is slightly odd and awkward like myself

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds

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