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Unbuttoned with Marne Martin, CEO of ServicePower

US born Marne grew up on cattle ranches in Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, going to Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and the London School of Economics for her undergraduate years. 

She went to work at the young age of 21 and was involved in the very first GSM cell phone company in the Americas (Venezuela and later Central America), one of the first telematics companies in the US, and the privatization of the last US state-owned vaccine company that became NYSE traded Emergent Bio-Solution all before the age of 30. 

She did one of the first international executive MBAs, the youngest attendee finishing at the top of her class with degree from ESCP-EAP in Paris and Krannert Business School. 

Later in her 30s, she worked extensively in the UK, Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia to round out her international experience, including leading an IPO in 2008.  

Her personal passion remains horses as they are the link to her childhood.  She loves the partnership formed with a horse necessary to create successful results, which requires the same emotional intelligence, persistence, creativity and drive as is required to be successful in business. 

Marne has been active as a senior executive and on Boards since the early 2000’s, and now is the CEO and Executive Board Member for ServicePower Technologies PLC, and is happily married with no children.

Unbuttoned with Marne Martin

Style icon: Audrey Hepburn

Favorite heroine: Joan of Arc

Dream lunch date: Larry Ellison or Christine Lagarde

Favorite cliché: All in a day’s work

Personal motto: Forget all the reasons why something won’t work and find the one reason why it will.

Idea that changed your life: We create our own destiny, but we don’t have to plan it all out in advance.

Always trying to improve: Effectiveness

Most envious of: People who only seem to need four hours sleep a day

Most inspired by: Those that build great things from scratch

Fashion item you would ban: Uggs

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: D&G flower pattern heels or my original Hermes orange scarf

Biggest extravagance: My horses

Can’t bare to spend on: Pre-grated cheese

Irrational fear of: Termites

Brains or beauty: Brains

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Katherine Hepburn

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Jennifer Lawrence

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds

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