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White Shirt Wednesday: getting dressed with a new baby at home

I'm sorry to admit that White Shirt Wednesday has fallen by the wayside recently.*

But I'm not that sorry. You see, my little Bambina was born 5 weeks ago. So it's all for a good wonderful cause.

Today's #OOTD is for all the busy mamas who are trying to look even slightly pulled together, nevermind that they're not sleeping, barely showering and oh yeah, most of their wardrobe doesn't fit anymore. Can you tell I speak from experience?

This outfit incorporates most of my favorite elements for postpartum dressing, but really it works on lots of different levels.

1. Some sort of head covering. I'm not implying that you didn't wash your hair today. But maybe the styling leaves something to be desired? A fab hat or turban turns the look around.

2. An easy-access top. If you're feeding, this is obvious. Although I might add a little scarf in case of any err... baby dribble.

3. Prints & patterns. The absolute best for hiding the aforementioned stains.

4. Slip on shoes. I'll allow leather slides, but never rubber flip flops. They're just as comfortable and you'll feel that much better about yourself.

5. A great carry-all for the necessities. This is actually a baby bag. Stuff with water and reading materials in case you have a rare moment of downtime.


*It took me a whole 10 days to write this post. Wish me luck for next Wednesday!

Pictured: Alex silk turban, VAUGHAN Bettie silk shirt in Stark Naked White, Finder's Keepers digital print shorts, Ancient Greek black leather sandals, Loeffler Randall Rider baby bag


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  • Looks great! Nice sense of style you have


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