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Friday finds: the ultimate answer to "what's for dinner?"

Life gets busy. You're up for a promotion, there's a new baby at home, out of town guests arrive. So you skip your manicure, cancel on your personal trainer and go an extra few weeks without getting a trim. No big deal. But there's one thing you can't skip:


Today's Friday Find is for those days/weeks/months where fashion isn't exactly on the forefront of your agenda. You need food. Now.

Enter Food52, My favorite go-to for answering the nightly question: "so, what's for dinner?"

What I love about Food52 is the hundreds of recipes on the site are seriously delicious, wholesome and are generally made from easy-to-find items. No processed crap, but no pretentious impossible to source ingredients either. It's the perfect balance between Sandra Lee and Goop.

On Wednesday, I made their recipe for golden quinoa cakes for the entire family.

Image via Food52

It's a flavorful, crunchy quinoa cake topped with a creamy salsa fresca. Okay, technically, I wasn't able to find all of the ingredients in this particular recipe, but there were easy substitutions to be made. It would be super easy to tailor the recipe for just about anyone in the family or any occasion. More heat for me and the Husband, topped with fried eggs on Sunday morning, you get the gist.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to exploring my very delicious options. After all, a girl's got to eat.

What are your mid-week go-tos?


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  • A quinoa cake sounds pretty spectacular indeed. These look tasty. :]

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