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5 things we're buzzing about this September

buzz september 2017
1. The LBB

Want the secrets to success in one handy little black book?

Join the club.

Offering a tool kit for working women, Women Who is the London-born-and-bred think tank ticking away like a professional time bomb.

Empowering women with round-table discussions and industry led literature collated by boardroom badasses, this growing forum organised by Otegha Uwagba is striving to change the 9% pay divide. Inspiring women to collaborate, innovate and get creative on the job market, this is more than cocktails and catch ups – this is fighting talk.

2. Eve Lom miracle cleanser

Ever wondered why beauty editors look so damn smug when asked the question, ‘what’s your beauty secret?’ – that’s because they’ve been keeping the real answer under wraps.

Well, after we plied our favourite magazine intern with happy hour margaritas, we finally cracked the code to dewy skin and perfect pores and its name is (drum roll please)…

Eve Lom.

There, we said it, now go forth and enjoy a perfect complexion.

Call it an early Xmas present, pay day splurge or however you want to rationalise its $50 price tag, this cleanser is our everything!

3. Button-up coats à la Balenciaga 

We’re not sure if the idea for Balenciaga’s bizarrely buttoned coats was a stroke of genius or an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that went viral – all we know is that somewhere at style HQ is a woman who’s desperately trying to make last year’s outfit toppers look anew, and for that, we are eternally grateful!

Offering up a selection of asymmetric buttoned parkas, dramatically draped capes and off-kilter tailoring with a sculptural edge, this topsy turvy attitude to outerwear in technical fabrics is loved by the fashion literate – for the style shy, try shrobing a classic mac for starters.

4. High-luxe hosiery

The ankle hasn’t been this sexy since the start of prohibition!

With modest necklines and hems that skirt the street all the rage for AW17, there is a new IT item that brings the focus back down to the ground – luxury hosiery.

Part of an accessory boon that was kickstarted with the colour block sock and seconded with the thigh high sock boot (another top trend from our friends at Balenciaga), bejewelled fancies from the likes of Nicolas Messina and GCDS are subverting our need for a statement bag in lieu of a striking… sock. Trends fall into two camps for this winter – the athleisure tube sock and artisanal stockings, both worn with a sense of irony, of course.

5. Alighieri’s archaeology treasures

Uncover a piece of Alighieri jewellery and you could be mistaken for thinking it was a genuine Roman relic.

Inspired by the origins of gold-smelting, the UK-based brand is renowned for its stunning stamped gold jewellery influenced by the odes of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’.

Creating a collection of modern heirlooms with a forever sense of antiquity, each piece is hammered, distorted and manipulated by hand to offer an aesthetic that celebrates perfect imperfection.

A scavenger hunt of literary influences and authentic glamour that traces the human emotions, each design is a passionate mistake – currently coveted by editorial insiders like Monica Ainley and Valentin Hennequin.

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