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Unbuttoned with Orange is the New Black actor Tanya Wright

Today, I'm pleased to introduce Tanya Wright for our Unbuttoned With post. Look familiar? You probably recognize her from shows like Orange is the New Black or 24. Like so many of the multi-faceted entrepreneurial women we feature on this blog she's not "just" an actor.  Tanya has recently launched a hair care company called HAIRiette, which specializes in curly hair.

In Tanya's words:

I'm an incredibly simple girl with a wicked imagination that has created a fairly complex creative life as an actor, writer, director and entrepreneur.

My mom had me when she was just 15, so I am pretty skilled at learning to fend for myself- not that I always wanted to, though.

I have had the great good pleasure of acting in some of the most critically acclaimed shows in the history of the medium (ER, The Good Wife, True Blood, The Cosby Show, 24, NYPD Blue, Orange is the New Black) but my proudest strictly creative achievement is a little- seen film I wrote, directed, produced and starred in called BUTTERFLY RISING (I also wrote the book of the same name).

My current obsession is my haircare Company, HAIRiette. I have so many fun things in store with this. So. Many...

Unbuttoned with Tanya Wright

Style icon: Katherine Middleton with a dash of Eryka Badu. LOL!

Favorite heroine: Kate Winslet in that movie with DiCaprio

Dream lunch date: Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King. A double date, LOL!

Favorite cliché: I am the captain of my ship. I am the master of my soul

Personal motto: Do unto others...

Idea that changed your life: Think Different (again, Steve Jobs)

Always trying to improve: myself and my desire to work out!

Most envious of: nothing. Not an emotion I understand. No one has anything I cannot have myself if I don’t focus and work hard.

Most inspired by: People who give

Fashion item you would ban: bell bottom pants

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: scarfs

Biggest extravagance: shoes!

Can’t bare to spend on: anything trendy or fad-ish

Irrational fear of: grates on the ground. There are lots of them in NY! I have this fear of falling through one of them. Also, bridges.

Brains or beauty: both!

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn: Audrey

Jennifer Lopez or Lawrence: Lopez (‘cause we’re both from the Bronx), but Lawrence I love her attitude and approach to just about anything)

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds! Always diamonds...

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