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White shirt Wednesday: reviving the poncho for autumn

All hail Burberry Prorsum who once again, prove they can take the most innocuous of retro silhouettes and bring them kicking and screaming back into the 21st century. Just like the mac jacket and pleated kilt mini before it, key style influencers have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on this season's hottest item, the blanket cape.

Possibly the most effortless look to clinch, ponchos and capes have been seeping into the mainstream ever since the London fashion house showcased their AW line in February. So illusive, the heritage outfitters added personalised lettering to each item – dividing the fashion pack into two inexorable groups, the haves, and the have nots...

First in line to swathe themselves in British monogram madness were home-grown fashion gurus like Victoria Beckham,  Cara Delevingne,  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and not forgetting, Kate Moss. Trotting up and down Portebello market or jet setting between continents, it wasn't long until everyone was craving a piece of the proverbial blanket pie.

 A quick hit with the street style set, the humble poncho once resigned to Mexican-themed birthday parties and Spaghetti westerns has become this season's most sell out item to have. The cover up of choice thanks to its versatile and easy, laid-back appeal, who knew nailing this season's most covetable item could be this easy?

Belted, draped, worn over coats – worn as a coat, the rules are fluid when it comes to styling your luxury, colour block check. Fashioned in a multitude of manners ready for the runway or the rodeo, nothing says irreverent elegance like this wool and cashmere throw over. Personally, nothing invokes model-off-duty respect than a low key, casual outfit that lets this hot-seller do all the talking.

Thrown together with your favourite pair of skinny blues, tassel loafers, swing saddle bag, felt hat and of course, the Glass Menagerie Hepburn silk shirt (on sale!), this ensemble is a subtle ode to the colossal trend dominating editorials and garnering acclaim in the blogosphere. Worn in the big city or the back country, blanket capes will be packing a punch right through till the first flush of spring, so  swaddle yourself in the lap of luxury with this Burberry-inspired, fashion catch for autumn.

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