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Gorgeously Gothic with the Rodarte sequin mini

winter fashion: vicotian goth styled with classic silk shirts

When we first heard that Victorian dressing was becoming a 'thing', we all took a sigh and looked to the fashion bible (Vogue in our case) for the latest catwalk coups de cœur. With a heavy heart we envisioned corseted waists and the re-emergence of McQueen style dramatic dress codes, until we looked a little further and set eyes on a pièce de résistance, this Rodarte A-line sequin mini... Yum!

Neo-Victorian has taken a long road to the top with a legacy that starts with the street. Pioneered by musical fashion mavens like FKA twigs and strip teasing goddess, Deeta Von Teese, Neo-Victorian is less bustles and busts and more detail embroidery, soft tulle, high-neck ruffled collars and elegant black lace, creating a modern milieu between street chic and floor-sweeping 19th century elegance.

Not one to defy the fashion powers that be, the catwalk mafia has taken to the curb and the red carpet in a range of gorgeous, vintage inspired looks that play with transparency, layering, pleats and sexy glints of what lies beneath with a mille feuille affect of gentle organza and silk. Inspired by the Gothic mood that percolated through the fashion ranks from Givenchy to Valentino, fashion has been hit with a romantic Victorian fever this winter.

Embracing the aesthetic of an era, this gorgeous hand embroidered and beaded A-line mini from Rodarte takes style cues from elegant vintage corsets and creates a high luxe piece that draws the eye down to its detailed curved hemline with lace panelling. A glitzy little number that looks the part teamed with this tuxedo blazer from DKNY and lashings of glitter throughout. Add a street wear element to this evening ensemble with these chunky suede and leather zipped Chelsea boots from Jigsaw.

Never one to skimp on dramatic accessories, we couldn't help but add an opulent touch with this knuckle duster sequin clutch from Alexander McQueen and our very own flamboyant swarovski collared VAUGHAN glass menagerie silk shirt that ties all the accents together thanks to its soft, somber black fabric with just a hint of glamour.

A subtle ode to a micro trend on the rise, this stylish ensemble is the perfect outfit for cocktail parties and evenings to remember. Easily styled in any number of ways, this key piece from Rodarte ticks all the fashion boxes. Effortlessly paired for day or night, add a pair of high denier opaque tights and a slim fit leather jacket for a work to play aesthetic, or steal the spotlight during party season and swap chunky Chelsea boots for tonal suede peep toe stilettos.

The perfect dose of vintage Victorian, teeter on an age of innocence with this embellished, sequin mini skirt from Rodarte.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Glass Menagerie, Rodarte skirt, DKNY blazer, Jigsaw boots, McQueen clutch

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