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Meet your new favorite shirt.

Wear your name on your sleeve.

I know. It's easy to dismiss monograms as too preppy or the domain of stuffy bankers. But I propose a comeback. At a time when we're vying to express our individuality, adding a custom monogram to our clothing feels like a no-brainer.  

The more advanced of us can easily enlist a graphic designer (or hone our own Illustrator skills) to create a unique image that reflects our own style. Think about using a contrasting color to add interest or using a similar tone for a subtle hint of personalization. Either way, make it your own.

Consider adding your monogram to a classic Hepburn shirt. Of course, we can handle standard 3-4 letter initials, but we can work together to get creative too.  Chinese characters? Small images or logos? Neon colors? No problem. Just contact us at We can probably accommodate anything you can dream up.

As a bonus, your monogram will prevent your friends or sisters (ahem) from "borrowing" your shirt. 

$10 well spent, if you ask me.

Get the full details of our monogramming service on the customer care page.

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