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Vacation planner

If you're lucky enough to be going away for the holidays there's probably a zillion things on your mind that are more important than planning your wardrobe.  To save you from the extra stress, here's VAUGHAN's take on packing for the beach.

vacation planner

The first question to ask yourself when packing is "will I really work out"? I am all for keeping fit on vacation but I am not a fan of wasting time at the gym.  I'd much rather spend my time swimming laps, doing yoga or going for a run around the beach and exploring the local terrain. The bonus with taking a yoga class is that there's no need to pack trainers and you can skip the workout gear altogether if you swim. Think about it.

Next, start with your favorite sarong. I'd take a sarong over a coverup any day because you can get creative with how you tie it and it does double duty as a beach blanket and scarf. Then, pair it with 3-4 great bikinis.  A stylish pair of embellished leather flat sandals will look chic at the beach and will also hold their own with a vibrant maxi dress.  This is no time for plastic flip flops.

Throw in an understated canvas tote for hitting the beach and bopping around town. Less really is more in this case, you don't want to be wandering around an unknown area with an it-bag. Trust.

To get the most out of your vacation wardrobe, add some fun prints into the mix.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but you can get away with bringing just three tops if you add some standout bottoms.  These notice-me pieces will look great during the day, but can be dressed up for evening so easily.  For example, take the yellow bikini top and pair it with the green skirt and gold heels. Then, layer your white silk blouse over it and tie it at the waist.  It's a look that's unexpected and very cool.  Add a metallic textured clutch for a bit of laid back glamor.

After looking so fabulous all week, you're bound to be invited to a slick soiree. Pack a gorgeous maxi with cutouts to show off your newly bronzed bod.

Your jewelry can be kept to a minimum too, just stick to pieces that pack a punch like a gold collar, cuff and major earrings.  You're on holiday, so why not experiment with a new trend like an ear cuff?

Your cosmetics bag is the easiest part. A NARS tinted moisturizer contains SPF30 and keeps you hydrated, a bronzing stick adds a little more color, DiorShow mascara brightens eyes and a great pink gloss and be dabbed on cheeks for a little extra flush. A good sunblock is the only non-negotiable on this list.

Grab your cash, passport and a big straw hat and bon voyage!

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