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6 Valentine's Day gifts for the #GirlBoss

ultimate gifts for the girlboss

Forward thinking gifts for the work warrior can be a minefield of practical tat for the cube dweller and ostentatious clichés that spend a lifetime locked in her bottom drawer. Bridging the gap between festive fads and timeless trinkets, here at VAUGHAN HQ, we've complied a list of lust-have pieces she'll covet for a lifetime. From business meeting briefcases that ooze sophistication; to rat race accessories that'll make the 9-5 fly by, lavish your favourite #GirlBoss with thoughtful, elegant gifts for the sartorially conscious power dresser.

The Cassie Houndstooth Pussybow shirt

The ultimate multi-tasker, this versatile silk pussybow shirt takes her from the boardroom to a chic dinner with girlfriends. We love playing with the long silk scarf, either tied high or knotted low. Paired with a sleek scarf or on-trend wide leg trousers, this gorgeous silk blouse hits all the right notes.

OHBA Cordovan Leather Briefcase

The on-trend organiser that oozes confidence, this pillar box red leather briefcase from the heritage OHBA brand is one of the finest examples of traditional craftsmanship on the planet. Imported from a small artisanal atelier in Japan, this one of a kind briefcase is more than just a handy everyday item. Created with such intrinsic style it transcends seamlessly from day to night, this effortlessly elegant A4 briefcase with golden key clasp is an instant showstopper that demands attention.

Smythson Panama notebook

Timeless without even trying, this practical notebook or sketch pad is perfect for the active gal on the go who likes to stay on trend and ahead of the curve. Seen front row at fashion week, this textured leather notebook breaks the mould with a signature gilt edge, light as a feather paper and pliable binding. Adding a touch of humour to any seriously stylish ensemble, this 'Fashionably Late' notebook doesn't skimp on luxury, hand crafted in the UK, take it to design think tanks, catwalk premiers, fittings and meetings. Forget the phone and add a little sass to your work week accessories with this firm fashion favourite.

Guerlain Sumatra Candle

Burning the midnight oil long after the work week finished can amp up the stress for even the coolest of office yogis. Add a few creative comforts to their home from home with an infused scented candle that is sure to lighten their spirits and help them blitz through that workload with a calmer aura. This Sumatra candle from Guerlain transports the weary worker bee to tropical climes with this exotic jasmine, Patchouli, smoked tea and cedar wood scented candle. A little touch that shows you care, pop one of these in a gift basket with nourishing hand creams and aromatherapy oils.

Peninsula Pens Majestic Fountain Pen

Perfect for kicking ass and taking names – or maybe just jotting down some notes, this vintage inspired fountain pen adds an element of elegance to the wordsmiths office ensemble. An antique inspired design with Ziricote wood inlay, this 18k gold nibbed fountain pen is a stylish, gracious accessory for the ambitious gal on the rise or those Wintor-esk titans of industry. Made in Italy, this genuine jewel of the highest level of craftsmanship is the ideal offering for the creative powerhouse on the edge of success.

Wedgwood Vera Wang Print Petal Mug

Whether it's plane, train or automobile everyone's got to get to work, but not everyone can do it in style. Make those 8am breakfast meetings and power point presentations go with a bang and start the day right with a cup of strong Italian blend from this Wedgewood ceramic travel mug in collaboration with Vera Wang – coffee doesn't get better than this. Beat the Monday morning blues and face the work week head on, but first coffee – of course!

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