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3 steps to a better 2013

It's 2013 and the start of a bight, shiny new year. After the glorious excess of the holiday season, it's only natural to want to start the new year on the right foot.  Here's the top 3 ways to make sure you'll accomplish your goals:

1. Make resolutions that you will actually look forward to.  Instead of giving up something, why not add something great into your routine?  Buy yourself fresh flowers once a week, meet someone interesting for lunch every month, explore new restaurants in your nabe, or try out the newest fitness class at your gym. Find something that will make your 2013 better. Whether you want to be more organized, healthier, more well-read... whatever.

2. Quantify your goal and set a deadline.  Yes, it's easy to say "I want to save more" or "I'd like to lose weight" in the New Year but what does that mean, exactly?  Set yourself up for success and define your goal. You're more likely to see results when you say "I'll save 25% of my paycheck every month".

3. Write it down. I repeat: write it down!  Post your goals some place that you can check back during the year to check your progress. If you check in on your resolutions every week or so, you'll be thrilled with what you can achieve.

In the spirit of #1, we'll cover a new (fun) resolution at least every week this month to give you some inspiration for a healthy, happy and glamorous 2013.

First up: organize your closet

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