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I resolve to: clean out my closet

Yep, we're tackling 2013 one (fun) resolution at a time. If your resolution is to build a better wardrobe, you're going to have to start with a bit of a purge. First up, it's time for a major closet overhaul.


The Closet Edit

Most of us are going to have to do a major edit of our closets.  Get rid of anything with rips, stains and runs. Next up, eliminate anything you haven't worn in a year. Even if it was expensive. Even if it's designer. Sorry, it's got to go.

Go through what's left and make an honest assessment.  Will changing the length of your skirts make them better suited to your body?  Are those jeans not quite as flattering as you remembered? Is it time to fix the heels on your favorite pumps? Bring the pieces that can be salvaged to your local cobbler, tailor or dry cleaner for an update. 

Donate the used goods to a local charity, you'll help those in need you may even get a nice little tax credit. For designer or vintage pieces, find a local consignment shop and cash in on your hard work.

It's a little scary, but more often than not a smaller wardrobe affords more creativity, more flexibility and (best of all) shelf space for great new pieces.

Extra Credit

For those of us with a smidge of OCD, go to your local homegoods shop and look for pretty drawer liners (lavender scented, anyone?) and matching hangers.  Ideally, you'll need sturdy hangers for shirts and jackets, padded hangers for delicate tops and dresses, and hangers with clips for trousers and skirts.

Fold tees and sort by function (gym/casual) or sleeve length. Sweaters are folded and sorted according to weight (heavy/slim).  Dresses and blouses are hung by color, sleeve length or season - up to you. Skirts are hung from the waistband while trousers and denim are ideally hung from the ankles.

It might have been a pain but this bit of prep will help get your closet into great shape. It also paves the way for our next blog post: I resolve to: build a better wardrobe.

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  • Thanks @exoddinary. Hope you liked the post on rebuilding too, that’s the good stuff.

    Lindsay @ Vaughan on

  • Ha, love your “wardrobe cleansing” tips. I’ve been revamping my wardrobe lately too – bringing in more key pieces that I see myself wearing again and again! Need to be more diligent about sorting by length and colour though. Would make dressing up a lot easier and fun!

    exoddinary on