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Style icon: Holly Golightly

Bewitching, glamorous and innocent, Holly Golightly was arguably Audrey Hepburn's most iconic role. Of course, we'll never forget the gorgeous black shift dress and Persol-style shades peering into Tiffany's.  My favorite is the rumpled morning-after look Holly dons during her first encounter with Fred.  An oversize shirt, eye shades and tasseled ear plugs are effortlessly chic on this party girl.

Using the fridge to store ballet flats? Seems reasonable. 

Channel Holly's bedhead perfection tonight:

Style icon: Holly Golightly

1. Blow dry hair and pin into a sleek chignon with lots of volume at the crown, sweep on a bit of black liner and apply a nude lipstick.

2. Dance the night away with a gorgeous bachelor at a chic cocktail bar.

3. Come home and slide into your white silk shirt (one size larger than usual). You'll need plenty of Zzz's so don't forget your ear plugs and eye shades.

For a touch of 60s glamour add a couple of Missoni throw pillows to your couch. Don't forget to chill some pink champagne, you'll be perfectly prepared for the unexpected arrival of a dreamy new neighbor.

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