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Style icon: Rita Ora

I'm totally digging Rita Ora's kinda-tacky-kinda-fabulous style.  She looks like the love child of Beyonce and a 90s Gwen Stephani. She's a true style chameleon, there's one piece she keeps going back to... you guessed it, the classic white shirt.

Style icon: Rita Ora

Nothing says "rock star" like a Mongolian goat hair jacket, leather leggings and statement accessories.  I love how she's kept the shoes very dainty, they're so flattering on the foot and keep the look polished.  Start phasing out those clunky platforms, ladies!

The real key to this look is hair and makeup.  Tousled waves or braids are fine, but flawless matte skin is a must.  It will make the difference between looking like a diva or someone who stayed out all night.

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