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The April Flash Sale Is Here!

I resolve to: build a better wardrobe

We're working our way through January one resolution at a time.  Now that we've cleaned out the closet, it's time to rebuild with some really great pieces.

Ground rules

It's still all about editing so this is no time to load up your shelves with pieces that are just so-so.  Before you buy, make sure each piece is flattering, fits properly and you know exactly how you'll style it.  You'll need extra discipline now with all of the end of season sales.  My general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't pay full price for something, don't buy it on sale.  After all, 80% off a pair of $1000 shoes you'll never wear is still a waste of $200.

Now, on to the good stuff:

Dream closet
If I were to start all over again... here's what I'd do:

Start with some versatile key pieces that you love... for example, the skirts on this page can look great in casual or office settings (ok, maybe not the the leather) but are easy to dress up for drinks with girlfriends or parties. The Isabel Marant jacket is cool for spring or fall and looks so much more chic than a typical cardigan. And the Dolce and Gabbana circle bag ties so many colors together.

Then, invest in classic pieces that will never go out of season. Trench coat, biker jacket, tuxedo jacket, white and black trousers, classic silk shirts, black pumps and lady-like nude handbag, I'm looking at you.

Finally, fill in the gaps to pull it all together with coordinating tops, denim, quirky shades and shoes that work with everything.


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