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Personalize your VAUGHAN

Monogramming is available on every VAUGHAN shirt for just US$10. So why not make it your own and personalize your shirt with your monogram, name or even a small image or logo.  Inspiration below:


Stage Door shirt, Lucidia Handwriting font and white thread. A classic color combination inspired by a nameplate necklace. 


Another classic combination: Iron Petticoat (black) shirt, Bookman old style font and white embroidery thread.

The Keeper of the Flame shirt gets a pop of color with yellow thread and the Bookman old style font.

Pretty in monochromatic pinks... the Break of Hearts shirt paired with Courier and pink embroidery.

Avoid the status quo with a sharp contrast.  We've paired the Mary of Scotland shirt with orange embroidery thread and Verdana font.

If you're feeling even more creative, email help @ and we'll help you customize your shirt however you wish. Although, we do recommend keeping the embroidery on the cuffs - the double ply fabric holds up best.

A big THANK YOU to Until Chan for helping with the photography for this post!

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  • So glad you like it! Yes, of course you can share photos. It always helps to have a nice visual.

    Lindsay @ Vaughan on

  • P.S. Can I share these photos with my readers? x

    exoddinary on

  • Oh my gosh! I see my name! Too exciting.

    Also really helpful you have pictures of the monogramming service now – much easier to visualise. Great job on the photos!

    exoddinary on