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I resolve to: embrace color

Hankering for a style update in the New Year? Nothing breaks a style rut faster than a bright pop of color.  Blacks, whites and grays are classically chic, but even the smallest hint of a punchy color can really brighten your entire day.

Spring color

There's the easy way to do it: pretty pastel tea tins, sour gummy candies and a classic fragrance in a citrus bottle.  All commitment-free ways to add color to your handbag, if not your ensemble.

The slightly more daring can try out a VAUGHAN silk shirt in a bright hue, richly colored headphones, sweet hair clips, bold throw pillows tossed on the couch, Warhol-inspired makeup and neon nails and lips.

Ready to take the plunge? Snap up a cobalt handbag or a bright orange wallet, neon earrings, reflective sunnies and wild Kirkwood pumps.

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