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McQueen's Bees

Spring has sprung, at least in Fashion Land.  I'm thrilled to see color, lightweight jackets, sheer elements and playful skirts. But, there are two pieces I just can't see past. (God bless McQueen).

You probably know how I feel about the bumble bee, so you can only imagine my anaphylactic shock excitement when I saw all the be-bumbled pieces traipsing down the runway.  Now they're here and ready for flitting about town.  These slippers show off your playful side while the flat soles allow you to accomplish some serious business.


What this lady-like bag lacks in whimsey is made up for in practicality. Nice and slim, she will look truly beautiful tucked under an arm during daytime meetings while still looking sleek during cocktail hour.  The subtle honey comb pattern adds a little bit of interest without making you look like a full on bee keeper.


Phew! Made it through that entire post without a pun involving the words "busy as a bee", "buzz" or "honey". Better stop now.

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