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Outfit of the day, Day 8

 Rock on, VAUGHAN!

Though the black shirt and white jacket may seem a little Saturday Night Fever, the leather pants just scream rock ‘n roll!  Show people you mean business with body armor draped around you for a look that’s less Princess-y Tay-Swift and more Prince and the Revolution! If you still need more, show off this Anya Hindmarch bag, which actually lights up - creating it’s own party wherever you go!

BCBG jacket, Vaughan shirt, Wilson's leather pants, ASOS body armor, Anya Hindmarch bag, Aldo shoes, Michael Kors watch, Alexander McQueen and BCBG rings.

Guest blogger: Sabrina Sikora

The ultra glamorous photographer/model/jewelry junkie Sabrina Sikora takes on a style challenge: she's tasked with documenting 10 ways to wear the Iron Petticoat black silk shirt from VAUGHAN. Check back as we reveal a new take on this classic piece every day.

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