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Accessories for your accessories

The reason I'm so drawn to classic shirts is (like most women) I am an accessories fanatic.  The smallest trinket found at a market can deliver a huge thrill, not to mention tiny little boxes beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree. 
My latest crush is the Louis Vuitton Alma.  Yah, it's a great size, really practical, whatever.  Did you see it comes in 12 colors?
In typical LV fashion, they've got the Alma tricked out with charms and baubles at the store.  Even the most modest girl could be tempted into excess by the quirky color combos.  The display got me thinking... accessories are great. But accessories for my accessories? Even better.

The prepackaged combos are fine, but I prefer a more personal touch any day.  Try attaching a complementary scarf (like a certain other French label), or an under-utilized charm bracelet, brooch or key chain. Voila! Not only do you have your fab bag, but you've also added that je ne sais quois that makes the look all yours.

Here's how you'll see me bopping around town.  What would you do?

Accessorize your accesories

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