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Callixto's Sasha Dennig in VAUGHAN

Sasha Dennig, owner of jewelry shop Callixto, is a true maximalist. Where your average person would wear a simple white shirt and printed skirt combo, Sasha heightens the look with about 15 rings (10 fingers be damned) and 35 bracelets. Not to mention a mega necklace and dangly little earrings.  And did I almost forget the gold glitter shoes? 

I love how she has casually knotted her Lion in Winter shirt over this gorgeous print skirt. Totally effortless!

Amazingly, the whole look is chic, put together and definitely inimitable. Not exactly the easiest thing to pull off (I would look like a little girl who'd just come out of Grandma's jewelry box).

Read the full post on Callixto's blog or cut to the chase and start shopping.

Sasha's wearing VAUGHAN's Hepburn Shirt in Lion in Winter, a Mother of Pearl skirt, earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings by Callixto, a Lulu Frost ring, and J Crew shoes.

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