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Seaside chic

The holiday weekend is upon us and hopefully you're headed someplace by the shore where your can relax, soak up the sun and spend some time with friends and family.  My seaside packing guide will have you covered whether you're lounging poolside in Sag Harbor (hey Kiki) or playing in the waves at the Cape (brrrrr).

1. First and foremost, what are you going to wear?  Sunny holiday weekends can be a lil tricky if you're not prepared. Of course comfort is key but you may just run into last summer's fling so a girl's gotta look cute.

Start with your favorite Bettie shirt.  I'll go with California Sunshine Yellow (the names says it all really).  Play with the buttons and let your bikini peek out or tie the bottom to create an hourglass shape.  Pair your shirt with great tailored shorts and show off your gams. Try this great highwaisted pair of pastel hotpants, Miss Page would approve.

Protect yourself from the sun (or hide last night's sins) with quirky sunnies and a chic little hat.  There's no need to look like you're in costume, less is more on the hat front.

Finally, channel your inner WASP with espadrilles.  Bonus points for stripes, rope or gold... gin and tonics on me for anyone who gets all three!

2. Guys, the beach is great and all, but am I the only one who gets a little bored?  With a light breeze you can get away with a little game of badminton.  Anything stronger and a good old fashioned football will be perfect.

3. Black and white graphic swimsuits are some of my most favorites.  They always look stylish and you can really accessorize, be it with your WASP sandals, a sexy pareo or neon accents.  Don't forget... suits that tie (instead of clasp) are the most wave-proof so you might want to keep the halter strap on... but then again, what would Bettie do?

4. Here's where I start to sound like my Mom: SPF, SPF, SPF.  Slather your tresses in Philip Kingsley's swimcap which protects strands from salt, chlorine and sun damage and cover the rest of your body in a waterproof sunscreen like this Neutrogena. I'll make a concession for this Lancaster bronzer.  It's great for your skin and will give you a gentle sunkissed glow. 

5. Grab a great tote (stripes, rope or gold always work but Bottega never hurt either) and toss in some Summer reading. Gone Girl for thrills, Dave Sedaris for laughs and Junot Diaz for heartache.  Finally, grab a cute towel-cum-pareo-cum-beachblanket-cum-shawl.  These Turkish towels are perfect, super absorbent and always looking chic.

With that you're off... enjoy your celebrations and save a burger for me!

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