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In early 2011 artists Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine placed "hipster traps" all around New York City, or more accurately, along the Brooklyn stops on the L train. Basically old fashioned bear traps baited with American Spirit cigarettes, Raybans, a can of PBR, a vintage camera and a bike chain. The inevitable follow up was the Bridge and Tunnel trap (bronzer, hair gel, gold chains, PATH tickets, a LIRR schedule and Drakkar Noir).

A hipster trap set outside the Bedford Ave stop of the L train

The BnT set isn't safe either

Any just as any good installation piece should, this got me thinking... what products would be the bait in my trap? What does that say about me? I've already shared some of my favorite things... but what would I find so irresistible that I simply could not pass by? The answer, below:

So, what do we have here? Lindsay bait, explained:

1. A rainbow of Sharpie markers.  Every remotely creative person gets a little thrill over a brand new sharpie... so many gorgeous colors, not enough places to write.

2. A bright green silk shirt.  This might not have occurred to me, had I not cleaned out my closet last night and found no less than 6 green silk shirts.  The first step to addiction is admitting you have a problem.

3. Crisp, cool, water.  Bonus points for a glass carafe and a wedge of lemon, lime or cucumber.  I swear, this is half the reason I go for massages.

4. An iTunes gift cert in a generous denomination.  Candy crush, here I come.

5. Chocolate mousse.  I'm truly a 80s girl, as evidenced by my most-favorite-cannot-pass-it-on-a-menu-dessert, my beloved chocolate mousse.

6. Bright sunnies, but you already knew that.  They're featured in almost every outfit of the day post.

7. YSL sheer candy gloss. Cannot. Leave. Home. Without.

Now, I've just told you way more about me than what's probably advisable on the internet.  What tempts you?

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