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Escape from August

August and September aren't always the easiest months to navigate.  The temps scream "summer" yet the calendar says otherwise as lazy days give way to chock-a-block scheduling.

As a kid, I used to push the envelope on Autumn, always eager to slip into my sensible new back-to-school wardrobe.  The 85 degree weather would have deterred most from academic cranberry corduroy and creamy sweaters, but I soldiered on! Ahh, middle school.

This year, I propose a move in the opposite direction... total fashion escapism. A look at some of the latest accessories has my mind in Wonderland and happily-ever-afters.  Behold:

Lay the foundation with a silky white blouse and a floral bottom that recalls secret gardens and fields of poppies.  Here, I've paired the Bettie shirt in stark naked white with a Dolce & Gabbana floral jacquard pencil.  Left alone, this would be a perfectly sensible outfit. Even (gasp) office-appropriate.  Don't fret, we'll let the accessories do the heavy lifting.

Just about any any Charlotte Olympia clutch will add instant whimsy.  My favorites are the Time Piece clutch (how fab?!?), the Novel perspex clutch, and the Enchanted Forrest clutch (check out the tiny crown adornment for your frog prince). Each is perfection!

Take Alice's signature black headband and add a few drops of the "drink me" potion and you get this fabulous Marni headpiece.  This not-so-basic-black headband boasts tulle, crystal and glass beads.

And what's the point of a fairytale without a few jewels?  Top the ensemble with a Lulu Frost blingy necklace, Rostantica green agate and gold earrings, Pucci's baroque cuff, and dainty rings from Jennifer Zeuner (for the heart ring) and Blanca Monros Gomez (for the tiny diamond and rubies). 

Now, I've anchored the look with dreamy emerald green suede wedges from Chloe.  Of course they're super luxe but maybe you were expecting something a little more over the top?  Let's face it ladies, you might be following a yellow brick road or navigating Wonderland for hours so at the end of the day, the slipper has to fit (comfortably).

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