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VAUGHAN at British Polo Day

Our friends at Gnossem are at it again, this time popping up at Singapore's British Polo Day and the afterparty at Ku De Ta.

I suppose there were a few Polo matches, but of course we were most interested in fashion. Gnossem put together a beautiful presentation featuring the work of independent designers, including VAUGHAN. Check out some of the images below.

All four girls are wearing classic blouses, yet the styling results in totally different looks.  For me, this is the beauty of the silk shirt.

From the left:

White on white looks so fresh. I love that she's punched up the Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter with a chic little headscarf.

An A line skirt looks sophisticated with a cutout blouse and an off beat color pallet.

The skirt is quickly becoming one of my most favorite foundations.  I love this shimmery little number paired with the Bettie shirt in Stark Naked White.  This is an outfit that will transition perfectly for any occasion.  Polo match and after party, you say? Done and done.

When classic tailored shorts are embellished and paired with the Bettie shirt in Pink Teasearama, a normally casual looks is elevated to a Polo-worthy ensemble. 



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