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Auntie Kiki, HELP! I've never cleaned my closet and I don't know how!

fall 2017 mood board

VAUGHAN's in-house agony Aunt, Auntie Kiki is here to solve your sartorial woes. Be warned, it might not be pretty.

Dear Auntie Kiki,

My fashion addiction reached breaking point today, quite literally. Whilst trying to squeeze a newly purchased camel coat into my closet, the rail gave way and I was almost suffocated under an avalanche of past purchases. I don’t think I’ve ever done a spring clean, and now I don’t know where to start.

Please help…

- Hoarder from Houston

Dear Hoarder from Houston,

The path to sartorial self-actualization starts with a clear mind and an equally clear closet.

Like many women searching for the answer to the perfect capsule collection, meditating over what really makes a sense of style truly "you" usually leads to a closet purge and inevitably, a new season splurge.

So how does one conduct a spring clean without the sinking feeling?

For the impulsive shopper, salvation lies in the same method that promises 8-week abs and an affinity for kale – self-help therapy.

Training the brain to avoid fast fashion in the same way Kate Moss can resist cake, throwing away something with the swing tags still on can seem like an impossible task, but get with the program and I promise you’ll feel better.

This isn’t like smoking, cutting back doesn’t mean the eventual end to shopping – though it may positively affect your credit health.

Future-proofing your wardrobe is a way of managing the risk against potential statement pieces to come, stripping back to your most loved possessions and making room for carefully vetted new pieces.

My main piece of advice before you get started is – don’t lie to yourself.

You might have one main closet where you keep your current clothes – but what about the attic, the cellar, the cupboard under the stairs or maybe even the garage?

In truth, we are all hoarders – whether you stash statement bags or plastic spoons is irrelevant, tackling the problem is all about owning up to how many items we own, and how many we really wear.

Never forget the golden rule: did you wear it in the last year? If the answer is no – and it’s not a wedding dress, time to accept fate (tags on or not). 

More than just a collection of clothes, your wardrobe represents a set of stored memories and de-cluttering can help reduce the chaos. Just like a group therapy session, get rid of the sentimental feelings and focus on what you wear, and why. Once the cull is complete, take stock of the colours, shapes and silhouettes that define your most original self and use those themes when consulting the sale rail in the future.

For added reference for the season ahead, I’ve made up a mood board of the dominant looks you can hold on to for AW17 including the VAUGHAN Martha wrap shirt which quite frankly, is as timeless as a Chanel twin set.

Whatever the outcome don’t forget the Vogue proverb, you are what you wear – and thank god that camel coat doesn’t have to go!

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