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Be the belle of your own ball

mary katrantzou paperless post collab
Ever seen invitations so gorgeous they had you itching to plan a party?
Yes, we know the feeling too.
Over at VAUGHAN HQ we're been Mary Katrantzou fans for a long time. Bold quirky prints, bright colors that look good on everyone and a general playfulness we find irresistible.
As you can imagine, I'm very excited to share the new Mary Katrantzou x Paperless Post collaboration. The cool digital prints meet their perfect format - digital invites that have us ready to dance the night away.
The whole thing has me tempted to up the Stepford Wife ante and create an entire look around the invite, complete with a diamond collar silk shirt, Mary Katrantzou print party skirt, and disco girl Saint Laurent sandals.
Matching Katrantzou clutch and glass of Dom optional, but highly recommended.
(Story sponsored by Paperless Post)

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