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Dear Auntie Kiki… Avoiding a fishnet #fail

Lessons in feeling fabulous and not giving a flip from our in-house salty stylist, Auntie Kiki. Served up fresh every month @ VAUGHAN.

“Dear Auntie Kiki,
 It seems like everyone on my #Insta feed is wearing fishnet tights at the moment. I’m a comfortable size 12 with a pretty good eye for street style but, this one has got me totally confused! Every time I’ve tried to wear them I feel like I should be selling myself in the red light district – help!"

fashion advice how to wear fishnets

Style your fishnets for your inner bad-ass street walker styler.


During my misspent youth, I travelled around the crowded Shangri-La’s of Thailand one summer, and let me tell you honey, as I discovered when venturing in the wrong part of town, fishnets are the only way of sorting the men from the lady boys… Suffice to say, they can indeed, leave very little to the imagination.

On a more modern note, today’s sartorial flavours of the month are resurrecting the common fishnet with all the vigour of a young Hepburn and all the valour of Queen B. A confidence inducing mid-season pick me up that embraces dominatrix detailing, fishnet tights are the ideal antithesis to ladylike lace.

My advice? Bin the cami and join the dark underworld of dressing.

But before we begin, a few words to the wise…

You are not Jessica Rabbit nor are you Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman. Believe me, hang out on street corners in thigh highs - a white-haired, Gere-like knight will not come to your rescue. You’ll probably end up with a mug shot and an instant aversion to anything latex.

Worn with a modicum of class, the saucy fishnet can be the ideal way to update your tired street aesthetic, for the risk adverse I suggest a faux fishnet sock and cropped jean combo. Ideal for your first foray into trend toppers, everyday favourites are given a raunchy little edge with just a peek of what lies beneath.

Suitable for tweens and octogenarians alike, holey hose demand a soupcon of rebellion. Cue, the camo jacket. A brilliant way of styling our versatile VAUGHAN silk shirt with mottled hues of rainforest green and peat, this perfect pairing of surplus chic styles and new-season denim makes way for just a hint of pin-up allure subtly hidden between cuff and heel.

Making its presence known without stealing the show, style these skin-coloured socks with a retro fabulous silver boot and rock chic bucket bag for added #FROW status.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Iron Petticoat, Mr and Mrs Italy camo print parka, Rachel Comey wide leg jeans, fishnet tights, Saint Laurent silver ankle boots, Alexander Wang bucket bag

Send your wardrobe worries to and let Auntie Kiki solve your sartorial woes. 

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