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Dear Auntie Kiki: school run styling

Lessons in not giving a fug and feeling fabulous from our in-house agony aunt, every month @ VAUGHAN.

school run styling

Dear Auntie Kiki,

I’m a recent mum of one who’s dying to step out of the yummy mummy stereotype and wear something that can handle the tantrums and triumphs of everyday life. How do I combine practical silhouettes with play-date-appropriate styling?

Yours truly, snotty in Singapore.


Pushing a watermelon out of your uterus is half the battle.

Now you’re free to forget the distant nightmare of lactating tide marks and Lamaze and get back to better things, you know, like bottomless brunches and bellinis. Well, that’s how I celebrated my emancipation from 9 months of saint-hood, anyway.

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with your new schedule, a rampant timetable that resembles an 80s party girl without the VIP pass. Forget the Moet and late night raves, you may have fallen asleep in last night’s clothes – but it had absolutely nothing to do with an after party.

One thing I learnt after raising two children is: having babies doesn’t mean performing a sartorial lobotomy. I seemed to miss the memo that informed me couture was inappropriate for PTA meetings… In fact, being the best dressed on the school run is the only way to get ahead.

For now, at least, separates are your saviour.

Easily identifiable on the floor of a once well-organised wardrobe, colour blocking button ups like the Bettie short sleeved shirt can be saved from a sea of jam-stained silkens strewn across the floor and styled with a modicum of en vogue refinement.

My advice, steer clear of whites until they're confidently on solids, try this striking blue number that can hide a multitude of sins, instead.

Paired with my personal hack of the season, pyjama pants, these nautical-inspired, off-white flares are the ideal shape shifters that subtly ask the question, ‘did she wake up like this?’ Who cares if you haven’t slept for 16 hours? Pull these striped pants on and no one will be any the wiser.

Worn with a raffia hold all that doubles up as an infant-all-in-one and a pair of oversized frames, you’ll have everyone guessing whether you’re a celeb ( instead of screening the tell-tale signs of self-enforced insomnia). Finish up with luxury slide on mules with a classic paint box time piece and your set for a coffee morning, cocktails or a trip to the Cape!

Better yet, you could just invest this season’s IT bag money on a live-in-nanny… tempted yet?


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