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Parisian high luxe with 24 Sèvres x Rabih Kayrouz

parisian high style inspiration

Delete your bookmarks, clear your schedule and listen up – there’s a new luxury retailer on the virtual block and it’s about to blow your mind.

How would you feel if we told you that LVMH had gone rogue and teamed up with 68 of the world’s best designers? That’s right ladies, the internet just exploded in a haze of glitter with the arrival of 24 Sèvres, the online lovechild with an exclusive 77-piece capsule collection that makes its competitors look like an outlet store.

Working in collaboration with their bricks and mortar destination, Le Bon Marché, 24 Sévres cut the retail ribbon with a capsule collection that, in true luxury fashion, stopped the press.

A virtual coup, the collection is a masterclass in online exclusivity. Working with LVMH-owned and upcoming French labels to create unique, limited-edition pieces, each Maison has revisited one of its most iconic products - inviting a creative friend, a figure of the arts, cinema or music scene, or an ambassador of Parisian art de vivre, to collaborate on the personalization of one or more pieces.

With a panoply of the world’s most coveted brands under its wing, LVMH has gone straight for the jugular of online luxury by creating a capsule collection that outshines any of its contemporaries. Encouraging the conglomerate’s nearest and dearest to take part in the inaugural project, the result was a selection of sold out items including a Loewe Hammock bag created by graphic design duo M/M Paris, a Kenzo sweatshirt featuring a Hans Feurer photograph of model Iman in 1983, and a Marc Jacobs denim jacket created with illustrator Julie Verhoeven.

One piece we’ve been refreshing on repeat is this wool coat from Rabih Kayrouz and guest designer, Lamia Ziadé, a Lebanese illustrator whose works recount Lebanon's magnificence- oscillating between East and West. A stunning 10-piece project created in partnership with 24 Sèvres, ignore the four-figure price tag for a second and focus on the quality of this original design first. Midway between a cardigan and a caftan, this coat has been handmade in the designer’s Parisian workshop. A symbol of the dual cultures of the couture and artist, this outfit topper is both perfectly Beiruti and totally Parisian.

Styled with a pair of white cropped jeans to offset the creative appliqué, we’ve paired this luxury-feel coat with our VAUGHAN classic black silk shirt for an extra touch of high luxe refinement.

A sombre duo that doesn’t distract from the cultural and artistic zeitgeist of this statement piece, this outfit is all about effortlessly chic separates and endlessly wearable allure. Ideally suited to whatever style capital you call home, add a slide on mule in black leather and a matching box bag into the mix for an ensemble that blends artistic insouciance with just a dash of high fashion daring!

An unmissable fashion moment with 77 reasons to log on, shop this Rabih Kayrouz one-off and bookmark 24 Sèvres for many more exclusives to come…

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