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Friday Find: Ab [Screenwear]

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Ever wondered what fashion A.I might look like? Well, it’s already arrived.

The moniker for an entirely new form of fashion, it’s not sportswear, it’s not womenswear - its Ab [Screenwear]. Plummeting to earth like a rocket ship leaving orbit, the breakthrough NYFW brand sent sartorial shock waves through the front row when the brand’s bold biometrics and architectural silhouettes hit play.

Have we been drinking too much of the fashion week cool-aid? Absolutely not - well, maybe one or two drinks, but who would pass up free cocktails anyway!

Once the runway buzz faded back into reality we had to pinch ourselves to make sure it wasn’t the plot to a new sci-fi film. After nerding up backstage, we quickly realised that the brains behind the brand, former Ralph Lauren designer, Olya Petrova Jackson had indeed, invented an entirely unique product - touch screen operated high luxe.

AB screen wear gif

Using light-responsive holographic panels sourced from architectural glass finishes, the former Parsons graduate has engineered a range of stunning futuristic coats with connectivity, coded in the language of couture. A range of vestimentary experiments that represent the human relationship with screens, her physical interpretation of intangible ideals plays with the intimate relationships with our iPhones. Living life through a monitor, the collection’s oil slick panelling and architectural shapes create an organic and harmonious extension of the skin.

A collection that has got tech giants reeling with the possibility and potential of this new hybrid brand, Ab [Screenwear] became the new IT obsession brand – breaking land speed records as industry insiders refreshed their feeds to see just how to get their hands on these marvels of space and time.

Instantly inspired by the iridescent detailing and warm woollen composition of this terrestrial space suit, we decided to pair this piece with comfortable casuals and futuristic detailing. Styled with our sensual pure silk Hepburn shirt, the metal eyelets and mottled black/grey hue of these Balenciaga trousers offer a complimentary silhouette that brings high shine back down to earth.

Worn with the shirt tucked into the waistline and fully buttoned up, this futuristic duo is the ideal antidote to boring workweek dressing. Styled with a silver slip on mule and a conceptual PVC Chanel bag, this look screams fashion avant guardist with a sense of inner city grit; pair down the makeup and style up with a slick ponytail for added chic allure (without the Star Trek overtones).

N.B: Rumour has it Ab [Screenwear] won’t be unveiled until the end of the month at H.Lorenzo. Until then, check out how to style this season’s biggest buys - bi-monthly with the VAUGHAN HQ Friday Find series.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Iron Petticoat, Ab [screenwear] jacket, Mulberry slides, vintage Chanel PVC shoulder bag, Balenciaga trousers

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