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Friday Find: Balenciaga Blanket Bag

style the balenciaga blanket bag

If Goldilocks hadn’t of been eaten by a family of ravenous wild bears, she’d probably agree on two things: breaking and entering is bad and size matters.

Unlike the unfortunate lock-picking legend, fashion has done away with finding a size that’s just right, introducing accessories on a mythical scale.

Don’t get us wrong, when it comes to our Amex bills, hangovers or laundry, we definitely agree less is more, but when discussing this season’s selection of handbags, proportion has a new perspective. With over-shoulder-boulder-holders outweighing matchbox minis, moderation gives into maximalism for SS17 as accessorizing gets out of hand.

A pan-global aesthetic that quickly became a fixture on the front row, our need for functional handbags has long surpassed their fashion following. With a smartphone all the well-heeled dresser needs to go about her day, accessories have been freed from their once overtly practical precision, leaving high luxe designers with the scope to create a collection of objet d’art pieces that are monumental in their everyday futileness.

Arranging an array of OTT big bags and elongated shoppers, Céline, Balenciaga and Sacai all went to extremes this season with a range of leather lovelies and a Mary Poppin’s penchant for capacity.

Redefining the hold all, longline weekenders and cult cabas were paraded centre stage – with models scuffing the parquet with luxury leather totes. How us mere-statured humans will pull this off, we’re still wondering.

Taking on more than we can handle, the VAUGHAN girls got to work road testing the Balenciaga Blanket bag to find out how to work dimensional arm candy without looking like a literal bag lady.

When your high heels have to account for extra leg room, you know you’ve met your match. Turning supersized accessories into an endurance test, we’re teetering on tippee-toes just to keep it off the floor. Adding essential inches to our look, platform suede mules are the only things saving us from total fashion failure.

A confident classic not for the weak-upper-bodied fashionista, one pro to this larger than life tote is that we can skip arm week at the gym this season.

With biceps bulging and a big bag of nothing swinging from side to side (seriously, what did Balenciaga think the modern woman was hiding in her handbag?) this retro fabulous outfit is the ideal way of turning an accentuated trend into a fashion-focused inner city hack.

Chic-ing up the bold vintage print of this OTT hold-all, time-warped essentials and luxury shades make this oversized accessory blend into the aesthetic. Styling our burnt orange Hepburn silk shirt with a rich suede jacket, this outfit adds nostalgic reference points to this heirloom-influenced print. Paired with combed hem denim and Fendi's iconic cat eye sunglasses, suddenly we’re not feeling so silly, especially when we pretend we’re upstage at PFW!

Embrace amped-up capacity this spring and follow high-fashion’s new mantra with this go big or go home Balenciaga Blanket bag.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Keeper of the Flame, Current/Elliott suede Chore jacket, 3x1 frayed denim jeans, Robert Clergerie suede mules, Balenciaga blanket tote, Fendi sunnies

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