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Friday Find: Build your own bag

build your own bag

Do you ever daydream about having an iconic accessory named after you, the ideal IT item that perfectly sums up your sense of style?

Well, whilst we might all be budding Birkins on the inside, the reality is that Hermés hasn’t made another moniker bag since. So while you’re waiting, why not try your hand at the biggest new trend takeover to reverse the creative tide – build your own bag.

Like Build a Bear without the fluffy filling and haunting plastic eyes, a new breed of brand is turning master into minion with a selection of custom-order handbags that are anything but ordinary.

Much to the outrage of stoic luxury retailers, the time when the mass market marched two-by-two into the sartorial arc is over, signalling a palpable power shift that could be a crucial moment in the history of ready to wear. One such brand leading the march is Mon Purse, an Australian-based label thriving in this new climate of natural selection with revolutionary - and evolutionary customisation concepts…

Bypassing the middleman and letting the consumer loose, the idea behind Mon Purse started with a frustration with copy and paste classics and a desire to create a selection of blinged-out statement pieces that identified women from the urban tribe. Using the same technology as 3D gaming, Australian born and bred entrepreneur, Lana Hopkins had the proverbial billion-dollar idea that would kick start a worldwide customization boom.

An online and in store brand that allows women to create their ideal handbag from scratch using the finest European leathers, Mon Purse has skyrocketed into one of the most successful fashion start-ups in recent history, with a growth rate of 800% in three years! Helping women become the creators of their own sense of style, their business includes a wide range of accessories and an ever-increasing fan base that now includes every girl at VAUGHAN HQ.

We sat down to make our very own work to weekend hold-all and we can’t wait for it to arrive! Cut from a textured European black leather with a bright red lining, the Vaughan team matched the shade to suit our red Love Affair silk Hepburn shirt. Monogrammed in a gold leaf, we’ve styled this personalised all-in-one with a chunky chain bracelet to match its regal allure! Styled as a timeless forever item suitable for any season, we’ve paired our new ‘girl’s best friend’ with a pair of floral print Etro pants and white leather slide-on wedges to match the light hues in its 70s abstract pattern.

Offering mass appeal without the mass production feel, shelve boring basics and get creative with stunning leather bags designed by YOU! @

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