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Friday Find: Cult Gaia Ark Bag

summer silk styling idea

‘The person you are trying to reach is not available. Please leave a message after the tone.’

That’s right, it’s time to log off, turn on your auto-responders and hit the beach. By the time you read this post, we’ll be rummaging under the bed, looking for our carry-on and dusting off an almost-expired passport.

Why? It’s officially summer.

We know, we’ve been teasing you since the frost finally thawed on SS17, but thanks to this season’s escapist attitude to style, we won’t need to do any last-minute stress shopping at Duty-Free, either. Although, there might be one last IT item missing from our capsule collection – Cult Gaia’s Acrylic Ark.

Like trying to fit a piñata into your purse, this bag was designed for the heart – not the head - and certainly not for the girl that refuses to pay for hold luggage. Cumbersome yet, as the name suggests, an instant cult item, the Acrylic Ark presents the well-heeled traveller with a problem that sitting on her suitcase won’t solve: bring back long-anticipated souvenirs– or make room in your luggage for this awkward IT bag?

Sorry Timmy, I must have left your candy at passport control…. Start rehearsing it now.

Leaving us teetering on the edge of our seats ever since they launched their pre-season collection, we’re blaming our sudden case of bad behaviour on Cult Gaia’s conceptual and creative design team. Equipping an army of international #ItBabes to show us how to style this iconic piece of arm candy, we had to give in to its architectural allure and completely un-packable appeal when we saw social media stars like Jenny Walton and Nikisha Brunson showcasing its shore to street credentials.

Thankfully, Cult Gaia won’t make you choose between a 5* resort and 5* fashion. An affordable accessory you can splurge on without worrying about running out of spending money, the Japanese-style bamboo bag is just one of many unique pieces that have quickly become the internet’s worst kept secret - giving you champagne style on a lemonade budget!

Worn with an air of vintage De Stijl avant-gardism, this outfit is all about owning that runway to retreat aesthetic by introducing crease-free separates to structural statement pieces.

Working with a vibrant colour palette, we love the way our burnt orange Hepburn shirt intermixes with these retro high waisted trousers when worn in a classic front knot. A complementary contradiction that plays with the fine line between fashion and function, these chunky wooden platforms add to the colour-block allure of this eccentric ensemble, while these round frames improve the appeal of strong 70s style tropes and pre-war eclectism.

Break away from the classic packing mantra of roll it, fold it, repeat and fall in love with the complete impracticality yet creative fantasy of Cult Gaia’s newest ‘objet d’art’. Find space in your holdall and style the Acrylic Ark with our selection of VAUGHAN silk shirts this summer.

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