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Friday Find: How we're wearing Palomo Spain

How to wear palomo spain

It’s common knowledge that anything Queen B touches turns to gold, so when she posed for her first public photo with her newborn twins, it was her Midas touch on a menswear brand that got all the mention.

Breaking ground in true Beyoncé style, what should have been a moment to celebrate her new-additions with the world inadvertently turned into a guessing game of ‘find that designer’, as the fashion press scoured the internet on the hunt for that organza kimono.

The spotlight stealing source? Gender bending designer, Palomo Spain.

With over 8-million likes and an international surge in interest, it wasn’t long until their e-shop was sold out and Madrid officially became the new style capital to covet.

An edgy landscape set to rival Paris, Madrid is garnering international attention thanks to a group of underground designers like Palomo that are challenging national style tropes.

Bringing folklore silhouettes to the streets, the capital city is in the midst of a revolution built on the backs of Millennials hungry for wearable iconography that speaks their native tongue.

Coined the second coming for Movida Madrileña—a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid in the ’80s that was characterized by freedom of expression and transgression of the taboos, the age of Balenciaga classism is long gone - what stands in its place is a subculture of fashion-schooled designers that are returning to their roots to support the local style scene.

A brand born on the Spanish coastline and nurtured under the tutelage of London’s finest mentors, Palomo pinpoints the moment when the genders collided. Leaving a significant mark on androgynous aesthetics, each silhouette challenges sexual binaries with form flattering collections that dispel the myth surrounding menswear. With their range of iconic SS17 trans-gendered separates now completely sold out (even Beyoncé’s stylists had to pre-order that dressing gown) we’re looking to the season ahead from Europe’s new agent provocateur.

Moved by a society that lingers between the recesses of acceptability, the brand’s new, more avant-garde approach to design offers a visual identity that refuses to cover over the cracks in contemporary culture.

Nothing underpins that ethos better than this sheer tulle overshirt with pearl beading and ostrich feathers.

A guaranteed crowd pleaser for the season ahead, we’re combining this statement piece with our classic white silk Hepburn shirt for a look that’s 100% front row ready.

Styled with a pair of sand-shade pants with an on-trend wide leg, this flyaway outfit topper ticks all the boxes for AW17. Worn with a matching clutch and mother of pearl shades, this button-up shirt suits all shapes (and sexes for that matter) as proved when previewed at Milan Fashion Week and both model Hari Nef and singer Troye Sivan both turned up in Palomo garb.

Completing the look with a pair of Mod-inspired white leather boots, this outfit gives a bejewelled and feather-trimmed middle finger to conventional catwalk styling – proving once again that Beyoncé is the ultimate intermediary for cool and gender is officially sooo last season!

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