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Friday finds get (gasp!) matchy-matchy

fall style inspiration matching accessories

A style trick first championed by octogenarians across the globe, matching handbags and footwear were once resigned to cringe-inducing photo albums and mothballed fashion rejects stashed in the attic.

But like most trends, the cyclical fashion maelstrom has spat out another sartorial surprise for us to all swoon over this season: double trouble accessories.

Delivering twice the style kudos, character forming footwear and statement arm candy are back and looking better than ever for AW16. Time to dig out those time warped Kodaks and take a lesson in matching accessories from late ‘70s icons and nostalgic odes to that unlikely fashion vanguard, your grandma!

Celebrating the impactful thrift shop chic trend kick-started by Alessandro Michele last year, car crash fashion is reverberating through the style ranks with serious anti-runway appeal. An AW16 frontrunner coveted by industry insiders, it’s not just about the IT bag this season, the matching killer boot steps into the spotlight as autumn’s status pairing.

Showcasing French chic circa Jane Birkin, this Parisian-inspired pairing of opposites from Jerôme Dreyfuss is an easy going duo cut from the finest European suede. Lovingly crafted in this season’s dominant silhouettes, these wooden stock heel low boots and compact clutch/shoulder bag celebrate a downtown sophisticated allure that would feel right at home in the Francophile’s historic wardrobe.

Offset with a pair of character forming frames, this decorative twosome in a patchwork chevron pattern is a welcomed break from ostentatious adornment this fall.

Using the Pantone playbook for guidance, rich post-summer hues are the ideal way to make this trend your own. Using muted tones of fallen leaf bronze, charcoal, grey and black, take style inspiration from beyond the city’s limits and think late-seventies drift with a suburban allure.

A faultless entrée into the high fashion sphere, this deep coal-coloured Hepburn shirt is a versatile wardrobe mainstay that marries beautifully with the tactile allure of this sentimental ensemble. Worn with this direct tribute to a bygone era, our pure silk shirt in Mary of Scotland is casually teamed with a press stud fronted suede midi skirt.
Stray from pick n’ mix style sensibilities this season and reform your fashion wardrobe with matching accessories with a 'twice-as-nice' feel factor - who knew librarian louche could look this good?

Pictured: VAUGHAN long sleeve silk shirt, Manon Baptiste faux suede skirt, Jerome Dryfuss matching booties and shoulder bag, See Concepts specs.

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