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Daisy Donohoe shows us how luxe louche is done

Daisy Donohoe style inspiration

A woman that smokes like a chimney and stings like a bee, get that girl a cocktail – quick!

We’ll cut to the chase, we have a fangirl-sized crush on Daisy Donohoe, anyone that can pull of 80s style without looking like a fancy dress mannequin has our vote. Since the golden age of Hollywood cinema, we haven’t seen anyone that has captured our imagination quite like this daring designer. A woman that defines vintage glamour, her milk-bottle complexion and avant-garde approach to design hits you in the face like a Joan Crawford bitch slap.

On every influential designer's guest list, the British-born-L.A-based designer works within the enclaves of high society, rubbing shoulders with living legends and trust fund brats that can afford her staggeringly expensive mink mules from her moniker brand, Zizi Donohoe ($1,290 – just in case you were wondering). Incensed at the idea of leaving her boudoir for anything less than caviar on a silver spoon, Donohoe is quickly becoming the VAUGHAN girls’ sartorial fairy godmother when it comes to fearless style on fleek!

You’ll never catch Donohoe in an ordinary outfit (or sneakers for that matter) and that’s exactly why we love her.

A contemporary idol that channels the silver screen’s most formidable females into one cleverly catty and endlessly elegant hybrid, she has become the under-the-radar cool girl to watch, turning up to red carpet events clad in mink and dripping in diamonds à la Elizabeth Taylor.

Rewriting style from the gospel according to Dallas, she’s the icon you love to hate - and we’re sure she wouldn’t think twice about making a scene if it wasn’t Dom Perignon. Part fantasy caricature, part real-life muse, what Donohoe can’t tell you about fashion isn’t worth knowing. From her signature oversized sunglasses to sultry stolls, her style is all out glamour - with absolutely no off-duty days.

Channelling the fabulous, fag-wielding woman du jour, this outfit speaks volumes to her formidable presence and irreverent attitude to bucking the status quo.

Inspired by her predilection to silk robes and hillside L.A mansions, we’ve ripped a page straight out of the Donohoe style bible, and we’re sure she’d approve of this chinoiserie silk peignoir with matching pyjama pants from For Restless Sleepers.

Styled with our emerald green Hepburn shirt, this beautiful balance of soft and striking shades effortlessly complements the silk and satin duo.

Accessorized in true Donohoe style with a pair of vintage Dior shoulder-grazers and a pair of shady oversized cat-eye frames, this outfit is primed and ready for poolside schmoozing and letting it louche in luxury!

We’ve added her outrageous all-mink sliders into the mix to accentuate the ostentatious allure of our golden girl’s fashion standing, all that’s missing now is a perfectly coiffed bob and an occasion to show off your Pin-up potential!

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