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Inside the mind of Avenue32 founder, Roberta Benteler

Roberta Bentler style inspiration

What happens when your perfectly edited sense of style starts a front row revolution? Well, if you’re the German-born sartorial star, Roberta Benteler, you take over the internet – of course.

Building a support network for young designers and a virtual marketplace for them to display their designs, Avenue32 is the only place to be for a new subculture of fashion fuelled millennials.

Building an international business to rival e-commerce giants, Net-à-Porter, at the ripe age of 26 years old, you’d be right to feel green with envy – until you find out that Roberta is a lot like dazed Andrea Sacks in the iconic, The Devil Wears Prada. With little-to-no experience in the big bad world of online fashion, Roberta found herself turfed out of the millionaire’s mile after the economic downturn of 2011. Briefly bidding adieu to her former life in private equity and leaping head first into an internship with friend and designer Saloni Lodha, Roberta quickly established herself as a raw talent with an insatiable appetite for hunting down far-flung brands.

Piquing the interest of her womenswear mentor, Roberta’s family funded idea turned out to be one of the most seismic shifts in luxury e-commerce since Nathalie Massanet changed the online game. With her laser-focused eye for upcoming talent and an unrepentant attitude to slow-fashion, she has built a reputation based on the foundations of good taste and timeless style. Now a fully fledged fashion authority with a walk- in wardrobe worth flaunting, this week the VAUGHAN girls pay tribute to the gutsy young gun as she continues to blossom into one of Europe’s most iconic business women.

Shapeshifting between playful and powerful, this creative combo from the queen of cool is a classic street style look you can try at home.

Inspired by the fantasy fur trend soon to be hitting catwalks for next winter, investing in a powder perfect design now can pay dividends in the long run. Influenced by London locals like Shrimps and Perseverance, this casual pick n’ mix of Avenue32 favourites blends form fitting staples with stand out designs. Wearing this shaggy-plush coat with our iconic Cassie pussy bow blouse, this cute two-piece juggles thrift shop overtones with a prim and proper refinement we just love! Styled with these high-waisted McQueen denim jeans, our perfect pussy bow blouse gives any frame a hint of wasp-waisted feel good factor.

Keeping things resolutely retro, these Jagger-esque velvet platform boots are a concert classic packed with high-luxe style notes. Reminiscent of Roberta’s rock child adoration for style stars that spanned the 60s and 70s, these boots are the perfect party piece for pairing with cute and girly accessories like this ladylike leather box bag and shady cat-eye frames. An all-star anthem for today’s rolling stone, drop the mic on street style with this throwback ensemble from Avenue32 founder, Roberta Benteler.

Pictured: VAUGHAN pussybow blouse in Pure White, Dries Van Noten faux fur jacket, Alexander McQueen jeans, Mark Cross Grace box bag, Gianvito Rossi velvet platform boots

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