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From the Front Row: Isabelle Huppert

french actress fashion inspiration

They say age is but a number, try telling that to all the over 30s shunned away from the doors of Forever 21.

Tired of seeing the same nubile faces packing out the front row with pocket money for prêt à porter and all the trickle down wealth of a Texan debutante, the all-seeing fashion eye (similar to Sauron with exactly the same effect on precious metals) is looking to a more sartorially wealthy candidate to shake up the front row…

Introducing, Madame Huppert, the sexagenarian that’s still making a scene on the red carpet after more than 100 on screen appearances - sashay away Streep, this girl’s got game.

Born and bred on a lifestyle that mirrors Francoise Sagan’s novella, Bonjour Tristesse, Isabelle is the award-winning actress that is breaking the mould for every generation with her confident collection of French lace fancies, bold textured ensembles and hemlines that would make most women over 50 blush.

Of course, she’s French.

A Paris fashion week regular with close personal ties to design houses like Chanel, Chloé and Louis Vuitton, Isabelle is a seasoned pro when it comes to looking fierce.

Tackling an array of trends deemed faux pas for the mature female du jour, her petite frame is never without an ounce of bling – whether that’s vintage brooches, heirloom pendant earrings or hand embroidered detailing.

Honing her own signature style that’s all about sharp glamour and effortless chic, Isabelle is proving that you don’t need to be Gigi Hadid to rock a velvet mini dress.

Like a citron sorbet palette cleanser before the main meal, Isabelle isn’t afraid to shock the senses with a strong accent colour or shape defining silhouette.

Seen here in her signature sheer tights, she has mastered the art of showing a bit of leg – with all the refinement of a woman who knows what sex appeal is really about.

Like Birkin and Paradis before her, slavishly following the rule book has never been her thing. Teaming up metallic studded platforms with a peep toe against luxury 40d tights is the ideal way of showcasing your silhouette, without losing a modicum of modesty.

Styled with this layered velvet shirt dress, Isabelle has a serious penchant for high shine adornment and who could blame her, all those years tripping the light fantastic will do things to a girl!

Pairing this soft touch all-in-one with our classic silk Hepburn shirt, we’ve created a layered effect for a more contemporary double collar allure.

The ideal way to temper some of that Parisian passion, adding a secondary neutral colour way will help shocking statement pieces segue more comfortably into your everyday rotation.

Finished up with just a sheen of lipstick and a few jewellery accoutrements, this tapis rouge look is the ideal blend of style and sophistication. Channel your inner Huppert this season and start styling statement pieces with the same c’est la vie attitude as our resident IT girl, the sexy sixty-year-old, Isabelle Huppert.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter, Saint Laurent tights and velvet crimson dress, Lanvin studded platform sandals, Chanel lippy

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