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From the front row: Jeanne Damas

jeanne damas style inspiration

In an #Instafame obsessed online climate saturated by over the top fashion, plastic fantastic celebs and way too much contouring for one girl to handle – Jeanne Damas is an understated antidote to high fashion.

An authentic IT girl with more important things to do than slavishly check her followers, you’ll find her sipping on a café alongé, fag in one hand, book in the other.

Championing a down-to-earth style aesthetic, the fashion entrepreneur and founder of the Parisian label, Rouje isn’t interested in tracking trends or following the fashion pack instead, Jeanne’s inspired style celebrates her own home-grown heroines and an intrinsically French sense of style.

Uncomplicated yet always feminine, the fresh-faced designer and celebrity at large showcases an unfiltered sense of style and not a single selfie in sight! Influenced by her mother, friends and family throughout the ages, her classic Parisian allure resonates equally through her own wardrobe as well as her affordable fashion brand.

Flourish-free and endlessly timeless, Jeanne’s approach to fashion is based not on four-figure price tags and big ticket items, but offering wardrobe staples that resonate back to an era of elegance - when the likes of Birkin and Bardot reined supreme.

Designed with that envy-inducing unassuming aesthetic, Rouje and Jeanne both share a vision to transform the idea of high street fashion and take street style back to its humble beginnings.

So, in homage to our new European girl crush, we’re taking a well-needed break from catwalk madness and enjoying some respite in the simply chic sartorial world of Jeanne Damas…

Hanging out in her central Paris penthouse, one would be amiss that Jeanne’s wardrobe was all high luxe. Surrounding herself with beautifully functional and versatile separates, this classic outfit from the French madame showcases her relatable and premium sense of style.

Styling our silk VAUGHAN shirt in ‘iron petticoat’ with a renaissance -inspired printed silk bomber jacket, this effortless look oozes with a kerbside confidence.

Ideal for style insiders of any age, tuck the soft curved hem of our Hepburn shirt into the low waistband of these stone washed thick denim jeans. A straight fit jean with endless style mileage, this hybrid occasion ensemble blurs the lines between smart/casual. Paired with a seductive suede heel and metallic-coated leather tote, this iconic pairing of core staples blends quality forever pieces together in a seamless harmony.

Creating cash flow collections that leave you feeling seasonally suitable and fiscally afloat, we’re all over this classic high rise ensemble. Embrace your inner Pigalle princess this season and invest in an array of eternally stylish pieces à la Damas…

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Iron Petticoat, Phase Eight bomber jacket, DSquared2 boyfriend jeans, Gianni Renzi sandals, Marni tote bag

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