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From the front row: Jemima Kirke

jemima kirke style inpiration

We could all learn a lot from Jessa, the neo-boho, Brit-brat portrayed in the hit HBO series, GIRLS. Part cringed-reality, part car crash fantasy, Jemima Kirke aka Jessa Johansson celebrates the mistakes we all make, proving along the way that women are more than what we wear.

Childhood friends with fellow anti-celebrity and the brainchild behind the 6-part series, Lena Dunham, Jemima’s ice-pick wit and cool conviction translate seamlessly into her semi-fictitious character, ad-libbing between her on-screen and off-screen duality. A reticent addition to the HBO hall of fame, Jemima’s troubled past and turbulent present are woven into the tapestry of her character, turning her personal struggles into a public dialogue that has seen the actor/artist generate a following that love to hate and hate to love her mysterious, irreverent allure.

Tackling body image, mental health, eating disorders and addiction, GIRLS has pushed past the rom-com confines of prime time TV to transmit one comforting message, ‘you are not alone’. Exploring millennial moments like battling with a budget, finding a housemate, perfecting the commute in heels and learning some hard life lessons, GIRLS has become a semaphore for a life spent colouring outside the lines, wearing what makes you feel happy and expressing your individualism whatever the cost.

A wardrobe of confessions woven into a five-year legacy, the VAUGHAN girls took a look back at Jemima’s self-styled wardrobe and the looks that defined her strong, acerbic attitude on the set of GIRLS.

A woman with more sartorial sides to her than a decahedron; every new day brings with it a fresh perspective on street style. From neon knickers under a nightdress to wearable taxidermy, it can be a hard job dressing one of the most stubborn women on TV.

Preferring to pluck screen looks from her home walk-in, this casual outfit represents Jemima’s stern, business side. Ideal for the big, bad streets of Brooklyn that she now calls home, our white silk shirt is the ideal everyday canvas for her abstract sense of style. Worn with a pair of nearly-new indigo jeans, this comfortable look is the perfect blend of hard and soft.

Styled with a pair of hiker-inspired leather sandals and matching gold earrings, an element of adventure runs through her perennial wardrobe as timeless heirlooms like our pure silk shirts are juxtaposed against rare finds like these Chloé suede sandals.

Capturing the essence of Jemima’s raw, unapologetic aesthetic, all that is missing is a lick of red lipstick left around the butt of one of her imported French cigarettes and a touch of bling under the buttons of her shirt with this crescent moon necklace.

An effortless ode to European style with an American twist, redefine standard issue styling with Jemima’s rough and smooth approach to between-screen dressing.

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