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From the front row: Julia Sarr-Jamois

street style inspiration

She’s wild, she’s wonderful and she’s totally underrated. Yes, we’re talking about the industry insider’s one to watch - Julia Sarr-Jamois.

Haven’t heard of her, well, we bet you a pair of Manolos that her surreal street style rings a bell. A fashion trailblazer and editor of one of the coolest underground magazines on the newsstand, Wonderland, her big hair don’t care attitude has given us serious #girlcrush wardrobe wanderlust!

The gatekeeper between high luxe and the high street, Julia has become an international icon for individual style, curating an enviable closet that blends streetwear favourites with designer heirlooms. Probably more at home in a pair of oversized sweats than in a floor-length gown, our downtown maverick is paving the way for a new tribe of intermixed fashion vanguards.

Whether she’s minding her sartorial Ps & Qs at Paris fashion week or kicking back in her hometown of London, Julia always delivers, offering up a slice of gritty street chic that blends classic European silhouettes with avant-garde design. A humble honey with a grass-roots approach to everyday style, you’re more likely to see her hiding in the bleachers than you are wrestling for a gift bag front row – and that’s why we’re adding her to our VAUGHAN style hall of fame this week.

A power hungry millennial that has replaced the clutch with a novelty iPhone case and clever apps that make the coin purse seem like a museum piece, Julia is championing the hands free movement with colour pop designs like this ‘J’adore Plein’ rubber holder. Playing a game of who’s who with flashy labels and understated classics, these logo printed leather boots from Louis Vuitton are a tongue and cheek tribute to high-fashion design.

Worn with a myriad of opposing fashion forces, our refined Hepburn silk shirt is given a modern update when paired with this St. Trinian’s uniform suede dress. A future-fashion rebellion of mixed messages, our super soft button-up creates the perfect juxtaposition when paired with this tactile tunic. Styled with all weather essentials predicted to top the style charts for fall, this baby blue windbreaker is a fashionable and functional design that celebrates the next-generation genderless movement. A creative confluence of nostalgic forever pieces and fun throwaway fashion, Julia proves time and time again that there is a comfortable middle ground between the boutique and the bargain bin!

Keep your eyes peeled for more bite-sized tasty trends from our girl, Julia Sarr-Jamois this fall.

Pictured: VAUGHAN Hepburn shirt in Iron Petticoat, Belstaff suede dress, Jil Sander jacket, Louis Vuitton booties, Philip Plein phone case

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