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From the Front Row: Katherine Ormerod

fashion inspiration blogger katherine omerod

We could all learn a lot from Katherine Ormerod, but the biggest lesson she’s trying to get us to learn is how to love ourselves.

The leader of the anti-perfectionism posse, Katherine is proving that perfect imperfection is just as beautiful as a full page glossy in a fashion magazine.


By reconnecting with the women on the other side of your screen.

Profiling the virtual stars that light up our Instagram feed, Work Work Work is a tell-all confessional for the high profile professional. Celebrating the rough and the smooth of ‘having it all’, her multi-dimensional online destination is fast becoming one of the most bookmarked blogs thanks to its honest, hilarious and 100% un-airbrushed approach to inspirational role models.

Balancing out the good, the bad and the ugly of living in the limelight, Katherine is the one-woman band making a stand against the negative effect of perfectionism, painting the whole picture for today’s virtual voyeur – not just the pinhole seen through a social media feed.

Acknowledging the modern woman in all her complexities, Katherine is bringing legends back down to earth and starting essential conversations on the graft and the goals that motivate the 21st-century bread winner.

But how do you handle the pressures at the top of the fashion food chain?

Well, that’s another problem Katherine is on hand to help with. A sartorial polymath that spends life as a citizen of the world, we wanted to get a closer look in her carry-on for clues on how to have it all – when it comes to clothes, of course!

The most exciting thing about Katherine’s day to night wardrobe is her approach to comfort and creativity.

Never letting her personality get lost in the fast fashion buzz, her go-to for any style capital is undoubtedly these old-faithful Needle & Thread embroidered overalls. Packable, practical and versatile, this working woman’s uniform is all about balancing fashion and function for a look that swings between the extremes.

Seen hanging out at Fashion Week, this design-led two-piece outfit offers endless opportunities to mix and match between Paris and NYC. Styled with a black silk shirt reminiscent of our classic Hepburn button up in Iron Petticoat black, we love the way she wears smart with casual for a look that sits right on the fashion fault line.

An outfit styled with interchangeable statement pieces, Katherine gets serious fashion gold stars for proudly parading around the glitterati in these ugly duckling 80s redux heels!

The perfect instep for keeping up with the fast pace of prêt à porter, these trend-conscious heels are reflected in her choice of eyewear, going for a pair of 50s oval perspex shades that effortlessly frame her face. Topped off with a discreet leather hold all, this adjustable backpack/shoulder bag hybrid is suited to the end of the day when she’s overloaded with gift bags and business cards!

Cut the hype and embrace your personal style with this confident ensemble from the queen of tough talk, Katherine Ormerod.

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